Apr. 29, 2013

New VIP's for House of Blues shows available Tuesday

Your rare opportunity to experience Guns N Roses like no other begins tomorrow morning, Tuesday April 30th at 10am local venue time.

5/28  House of Blues Houston, TX

5/29  House of Blues Dallas, TX

these VIP experiences are limited, so don't wait or they'll be long gone!

  1. Chayboom avatar

    Can you guys make more regular tickets available on Friday by noon for the fans that can't afford extra fees to purchase VIP tickets with more privileges... For the Houston tx hob

  2. Vampire96 avatar

    i have no idea, i just hope they'll go to the philippines dude..

  3. herbalizor420 avatar

    please come back to canada

  4. The Devil's Reject avatar

    Any hint on how much the price will be for they actually go on sale?

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