Dec. 23, 2013

Happy Holidays From Guns N' Roses…

From everyone in Guns N' Roses, to all our fans around the world – Happy Holidays!

As for everything else? …yes, Jarmo is right. 

Information coming soon!

Happy Holidays From Guns N' Roses!

  1. higor666 avatar

    Porto alegre, please

  2. Gabriel Henrique avatar

    Hope to see you in Brasilia Do not delay ..... "Welcome to Brasilia baby, you're gonna die..."

  3. Coma16 avatar

    south america was 2 years ago :)

  4. Coma16 avatar

    5 years since new album you mean? bring it or bust!

  5. Rafael rais Colucci avatar

    comes guns n roses SÃO PAULO BRASIL

  6. Jamile Silveira avatar

    Please, come back to Brazil! Especially to Rio de Janeiro! I wanna go to a GNR's concert next year, 2014! See you here in our country! Luv u

  7. Elias avatar

    Thanks, our admiration and appreciation is mutual! Feliz Navidad! 2014: the GNR takeover

  8. rvrose avatar

    Oh Yeah!

  9. Noga Hallevy avatar

    YAY ! ! ! So great to see this ! ! ! Such a great news :D Merry X-Mas and especially Happy New Year Everyone ! ! !
    Couldn't be happier ;D

  10. Redman avatar

    Happy Holidays to all!

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